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Caution January 2016

Posted by Herika R Raymer on January 22, 2016 at 12:10 PM

Begin transmission...

The last time I wrote here was May 2015, for that I am sorry. I am not a good blogger, I will admit. However, with what I have been watching happening in the last several months, something has to be said before FREE SPEECH is denied. I post happy things on Facebook because we need to see it with all the political clap-trap going on there. However, the severity of some current events needs to have commentary. For interviewers and hopeful jobs who are screening this, please be aware I should be allowed my opinion.

This month, I want to say something about the "Refugee Problem" - both in the US and in Europe. Before you blast me, understand that I know there are those who do need protection. I can sympathize with wanting to provide a shelter for another reaching out. I have watched the videos of people crossing hazardous cold waters and some not making it, and them being grateful for the friendly people helping them. I have seen the propoganda of the escaped fugitives who say "do not turn them away, it is what the enemy wants so they can say they were right". However, I have also found the shunned videos of local countrymen pleading for protection from those who have come "seeking asylum". When most of the populus is men, and those men go and do horrid things, that is a problem.

Europe has effectively disarmed its populus, and they do not understand Arabic or Islamic teaching. For them, it is ok to assault and violate someone not of their faith. Then they say "they asked for it". Watch this video of a German girl who is terrified to go outside.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8_6B-AURuew" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">German Girl asks for help

No, she should not have to convert to a religion she does not believe in just to save her body. Mostly because it will not. She converts to Islam and it will possibly get worse. Remember the crusade against domestic violence? What happens if domestic violence is part of the religion?

It is ok for Islam men to beat wives, it is discipline

Naysayers and supporters of Islam and Refugees and such will say I am nit-picking articles and only posting the negative. I will admit that is possible. However, the negative should not be ignored because it does not fit in the politically correct box, for ANY religion. People should be aware of this stuff.

Assaulting people and violating them, having people who disagree with you live in fear in their own homes, having people who pratice your ways living in fear in their own homes, and breaking local laws because you think they do no apply to you are NOT the way to live. I do not care if you are Islam, Christian, Atheist, Wiccan, what have you (I mention only religions because that is the theme of this post).

Tolerance is accepting another for who and what they are AND MOVING ON. Not forcing them to be like you. If your practice of your religion is truly tolerant, you would not be assaulting others, violating others, threatening others, or slandering others because they disagree with you.

Do not call me hypocritical because I am posting this and thus 'slandering' practicioners of Islam. I am perfectly aware there are other religions who do reprehensible things. But you know what? They are tried and punished. What makes Islam so special that it is allowed to make its own courts? It own laws? Laws stating they do not have to obey the law of the land? If the law of the land says "you do not beat your wife or children", and I mean BEAT not DISCIPLINE - know the difference - then you do not. If the law says "you do not marry children or have sexual relations with them", then you do not. If the law says "you do not rape", then you do not. How hard is that?

It was pointed out to me that it is only a small percentage of Islam that does this. These people should be aware that, at the start, the Nazi party was only a small percentage of Germany. Look what happened when they were not taken seriously - World War II. Yes, I went there. Because they follow the belief of "to change the world, just take a generation and teach it what you want". Don't think this is true? Tell that to the 200 girls who were kidnapped, raped, impregnated - many of whom were underage, and many who do not know where their children who were born while captive are. 

This is another in a long line of attempts for people to see behind the politically correct or politically directed imagery of what is going on. Not everything out there is "thank you" and "it is so wonderful". There are people now afraid for themselves and their families because there is an invasion happening. Be aware.

End of Line.

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