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Judicious June 2016

Posted by Herika R Raymer on July 1, 2016 at 1:10 AM

The big news is Brexit.

Ok, so Britian showed the good sense to leave the EU. This is a bad thing how? The British Empire existed before the EU, as did the French Empire and the Russian Commonwealth. A 'world government' or 'world identity', frankly, scares me silly. Why? I have read some of the edicts of that world, and I definitely do not agree with it.

1> You can be detained just for LOOKING like a criminal, even if you are not one.

2> You put the power of government into a few hands. The checks-and-balances of the three-branch government of America was supposed to prevent this, except now those branches are either ignoring one another's duties or just overwhelming them. Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

3> Listen to Daniel Hannon, a man with great common sense.

If you do not want to accept things end, then realize things change. Nothing is static. Everything moves. The sea moves and stays alive, the planet rotates and stays active, the seasons change to keep things going, and all this happens for a reason. Humans also change. The mass of a million messy miracles changes all the time. So why should people expect civilization and governments to remain stagnant and the same. What starts out as great ideas either progress to something great (rarely) or degenerate into something oppressive (more often given human nature).

Change is good. Pooling power into a single area is not a great move. As Mr. Hannon, the fisherman of north Britian, and the terrified populus of Germany can tell you - allowing the EU to continue is not healthy. Change is needed.

Hopefully, Brexit will be the beginning of a great change.

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