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Foolhardy April 2016

Posted by Herika R Raymer on April 30, 2016 at 3:25 PM

Okay, I have been thinking of how to word this without insulting anyone - and finally gave up.

Aside from the idiocy around the politics going on right now, there has been a lot of hooplah about bathrooms and who should use them. The masses are allowing themselves to be distracted again. Where the real issues are the encroaching illegal aliens, the violence brought by the unruly refugees, and the general collapse of the weak government to bullying antics of other countries. But what is America focused on?


I just have to ask: are you being carded to go into a bathroom? I mean, if you were biologically female but decided to surgically make yourself male - you go in the males. If you were biologically male and decided to make yourself surgically female - you to in the females. You have been doing it for years. Why make a fuss now?

Because people dressing different want to go in the wrong bathroom? Sorry, no go. And the people claiming that transgenders are not the threat - ok, fine. But what about the true perverts who are?

As House says: "People lie."

Check out this article: http://liberallogic101.com/?p=49212

"...But trans people are not being murdered, raped, or assaulted as a result of being forced into the “wrong” bathroom. It’s a manipulation that reeks of the very thing we women are constantly accused of doing: fear mongering.


Conversely, there are literally hundreds of documented reports of sexual crimes against women in bathrooms, especially by men who either dressed or pretended to identify as women. Hundreds. Why the discrepancy? Why doesn’t this matter? Of the 20 million Americans who have experienced attempted or completed rape, 17 million of them are women. In Washington State, 98 percent of people convicted of felony sex offenses are anatomical males."

Here is the most interesting part:

"In Victorian England, it was considered a civil rights issue. A woman named Rose Adams wrote letter upon letter to the powers that be, pleading for sex-specific bathrooms on the grounds of— you guessed it—safety and privacy. It took more than five years for her to make any real progress."

Check out the letter in full.

So here is the question - why, when so much hard work was put in separating the bathrooms are we looking to integrate them again? Especially when the safety issue is very real. Most would argue about the 'identity' issue. To which I have to agree with this argument:

When a person says "this body part is not mine", they are diagnosed with a disorder. It is called "Body Integrity Identity Disorder". These poor souls will go to great lengths to get rid of the alien part of their body, even engaging in self-mutilation to pressure the medical community to amputate the limbs. For someone who thinks they are too fat, there is bulimia and anorexia, again both disorders. All which are dealt with medically. But somehow, having your brain identify as a different sex is not a medical disorder, it is choice. How does that work? You were made as you were intended, whether you believe in God, Allah, Yahweh, Gaea, the Universe, or Odin - and yet you are saying they made a mistake. Interesting.

So let's do this, if you have an outie - go to the men's. If you have an innie - go to the women's. Keep it simple, keep it safe. If you want to mix, I get to carry a gun and protect my family. Think I do not worry about my son in the men's? Think again, I worried before, now even more so. More often than not, nothing will most likely happen.

But for the times that it does...

Now, can we focus on the more important issue of our weak borders and the influx of violent aliens?

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