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My Review Section

Hello media lovers!

Well, this will be my Review section. Which means summaries and links to Reviews of books my stories are in. However, I do some Book Reviews. They can be seen at my zine page Imagyro Magazine but Alexx Miller is graciously hosting some of them now. I am posting a link to them after the 'How To' post.

If you want me to post a Review for you, please Contact Me. I read horror (not partial to gore or splatter sorry), science fiction, fantasy, steampunk, paranormal, supernatural, and anthologies. Sorry, cannot quite give an opinion on erotica, torture, or non-fiction - just not my area. If you do decide you want me to try your story, be sure to include a Pitch with your Contact.

See next post for How To Send A Review Request.

Book Review - Nursery Rhyme Noir from Sam's Dot

Originally posted in September 2010 Imagyro

Re-posted by Alexx Mom Cat's Gateway Book Blog on Saturday May 31. 2014

Review of Nursery Rhyme Noir by David C. Kopaska-Merkel 

How To Send A Review Request

I am currently not accepting Requests. However, this might help you approach other Reviewers. This is just how I would do it:

Email: Reviewer's email
Subject Line: Request for Review of [title of work]

Body of email:
Dear [Editor's name];

Attached is [title], and I was wondering if you would like to Review it? ((at this point you can say if you are a follower and value their opinion or if you are someone just starting out and would like a Review, your choice. i would highly recommend including the following:))
Title of work
Type of work (flash, short story, novella, novel)
Genre of work (horror, erotica, fantasy, science fiction, blend)
Pitch: ((In 100-200 words pitch your story to me. Briefly summarize what you wrote about. Maybe begin it with a question, or just describe to me what your story is about - like you would tell a friend what you are writing.))

((be sure to close with)) 
valid email
(this is VERY important, cannot tell you how many times I have had an email bounce back and it is frustrating)

 If I am able to get to it, I will tell you (hopefully). Though at this time let me repeat that I am behind so I am not taking Requests right now.

Book Review - Dark Faith from Apex Publications

Originally posted in September 2010 Imagyro 

Re-posted by Alexx Mom Cat's Gateway Book Blog on Wednesday May 21, 2014

Review of Dark Faith edited by Maurice Broaddus and Jerry Brown 

Book Review - Loved (Self-Published)

Originally posted by Alexx Miller on Saturday April 19, 2014

Review of The Loved, The Lost, and The Dreaming by Michelle Brown 

Book Review - Desperate Journey from Samhain Publishing

Originally published in August 2010 Imagyro 

Re-posted by Alexx Miller on Thursday April 17, 2014

Review of Desperate Journey by Debra Parmley